Management Services


Strategic and Business Planning

· Developed strategic and management plans for $1.6 billion client organization that included conducting strategic analyses that led to identification of cost control measures, enhanced financial management, and identifying performance improvement incentives. This effort involved identifying and articulating senior management strategic direction, developing outcome based strategic goals, implementation strategies, and performance objectives, and requirements for integrating the strategic planning and financial management / budgeting processes.

· Developed business plans, program performance plans, and strategic plans for private industry, utilities, and government clients focused on identifying and documenting annual and long-term business performance expectations.

· Assisted the Federal office managing a major DOE closure site in staff planning by facilitating the development of a strategic plan, conducting a skills needs analysis comparing the available resources with the requirements to manage the closure contract, and assisting the management team in communicating the results to the workforce.


Management and Program Assessments

· Supported a large water and wastewater utility in developing and executing an improved strategy that resulted in successful business development and contract wins.

· Developed corrective action plans in response to operational readiness assessments of nuclear reactors, DOE facilities, and other complex technology facilities (e.g., tank farms, accelerator facilities).

· Performed management and organizational assessments for Department of Defense and Department of Energy programs.


Leadership Development and Mentorship

· Developed and conducted training for executive level individuals in a classroom and informal mentoring environments. Topics included strategic planning, business processes, and leadership decision-making.

· Serve on advisory boards for small and mid-size companies providing consultation in the areas of strategy, business development, contracting, and growth. 


Business Process Analysis and Performance Improvement

· Developed, implemented, and trained executive level client staff on new management decision processes to evaluate and prioritize mission critical projects in a fiscally constrained environment.

· Conducted business process analyses for a U. S. National Laboratory, including developing detailed documentation of existing management processes; conducting a comprehensive evaluation of operations and maintenance; and providing recommended improvements to organizational reporting relationships, planning and budgeting, management processes, information and technology utilization, and training. 

· Supported the development of a site-wide program that integrated all industrial planning, management, and work across the 6,000-person installation.  This effort involved integrating and streamlining (where appropriate) existing planning and management processes, development of site-wide implementation strategies, and identifying associated training requirements.

· Supported development, training, implementation, and assessment of management improvement programs focused on successfully integrating environmental and safety considerations into work planning and execution, resulting in increased efficiency of operations, reduced costs, and improved safety performance.


Facility Transition and Property Transfer

· Served as a principal consultant to the U.S. Army, recommending and implementing strategies for the Army Base Realignment and Closure program to accelerate environmental cleanup and transfer of excess property.  

· Recommended strategic communication and risk management strategies, including interface with local communities and redevelopment authorities, environmental regulators, and private developers

· Supported the development of management strategies and policy documentation for facility transition, deactivation, and closure for two Federal agencies.


Risk and Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Management

· Developed, implemented, and assessed Integrated Safety Management Systems for Department of Energy field elements.

· Developed risk-based planning and evaluation processes for establishing and communicating program and ES&H resource allocation decisions.

· Established and provided training on the application of multi-attribute decision analysis tools to aid management decision-making prioritizing safety issues and corrective action program development.

· Provided independent technical and cost reviews of proposed environmental cleanups for Army installations.


Stakeholder Interface

· Provided instrumental support to communicate Department of Energy programs and initiatives to the public and other stakeholders.

· Developed strategies and presented positions for interface with the Federal agencies, state and Federal regulators, and the public on environmental and nuclear safety issues and programs.